Welcome! Sellers have the opportunity to be part of a trusted web-based destination where they can sell a wide variety of goods to a robust customer base. Your participation supports being good stewards of the environment and allows you to take part in offering customers a first-class experience. As a buyer, you have the opportunity to purchase all your business needs at a one-stop shopping portal.


This agreement applies to all Salvage for Good services and the websites located at When you access SALVAGE FOR GOOD through a mobile device, you may incur a fee for data usage or other associated costs from your wireless provider. You are solely responsible for your use of the portal on your mobile device and adherence to your wireless provider’s terms and conditions. The portal provides an online marketplace where users can sell items, lots, and/or loads. Users who purchase loads are called buyers. Users may be both Buyers and Sellers on the portal.


In order to complete your registration, you agree to provide accurate account information including billing address, contact information including name(s), email address(es) and phone number(s). You agree to promptly update any outdated information.


You understand that your information (excluding payment information) may be transferred unencrypted and involved (1) transmissions over various networks; and (2) changes to conform and adapt to connecting networks or devices. All payment information is PCI compliant. As we do not anticipate any unforeseen circumstances you expect and believe it will happen, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. All costs and pricing are quoted in U.S. dollars.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions, your listings are accurately represented to the customers with quality sorts and weight of loads accurately reflected as well as current pictures of the load offered for sale. You will be required to send at least three pictures for each listing. Your image must be at least 500 x 500 pixels. The product must fill at least 80% of the image area. Please reference FAQs for examples.


Registering for the portal is free; however, SALVAGE FOR GOOD charges certain fees for listing items, lots, and/or loads through your use of the portal as a seller as set forth in the Fee Policy.


We will act as your limited sales tax collection agent for sales made through the Site. To the extent that any responsibility for collecting and remitting state sales tax falls on you, you hereby authorize us to calculate, collect and remit any applicable sales or use taxes in connection with the sale of your products to the proper government agencies on your behalf.

In all states that have enacted marketplace facilitator legislation, we will (i) facilitate the collection and remittance of sales tax and (ii) complete all associated filings for all sales made in such states as required by law. For avoidance of doubt, this provision will be extended to any additional states which hereafter enact marketplace facilitator legislation.


Please note that in the event sales taxes are excluded in error, you will contacted and are ultimately responsible for reimbursing the company.


Once you register as a seller, you will have access to your SALVAGE FOR GOOD account. Think of SALVAGE FOR GOOD account as your go-to resource for selling. This is a one-stop shop for managing your selling account and finding helpful reporting to manage your aftermarket needs.

  • Download reports to keep track of daily sales for your listings you sell including a breakdown by listing category.
  • Rate customers based on criteria such as timely payment criteria.
  • Keep track of salvage inventory to offer mixed loads to customers.


As a registered seller, you will email your listing information including pictures to a designated email address. Your listing will be uploaded within one business day. A successful listing will result in a successful sale.


SALVAGE FOR GOOD sellers will provide a seamless and positive shopping experience. All loads must be accurately listed with accurate weights and images must represent the actual item, lot, and/or loads being sold under that listing.

Buyers may offer to purchase loads from Sellers and once accepted, this is considered a purchase, and a binding contract. Upon purchasing a load, a Buyer is obligated to secure payment for the load to SALVAGE FOR GOOD. All purchases are final.

SALVAGE FOR GOOD buyers are required to secure payment for the load purchased upon checkout or within 24-hours from winning bid. If the bidder does not fulfill securing payment within 24 hours after purchasing the load and/or does not arrange transportation/trucking within 48 hours, the load will revert to the seller and can be reposted for purchase. All sellers that do not fulfill timely obligations may receive a negative review and/or suspended from the portal.


All items, lots, and/or loads pickups are the responsibility of the buyer. Once the listing is successfully paid in full, detailed pickup location information will be emailed to the buyer. It is the responsibility of the buyer to coordinate pickup with the seller.


Buyers may pay for loads using payment methods approved by SALVAGE FOR GOOD. SALVAGE FOR GOOD will receive payment from buyer on behalf of seller.


Customer reviews are an integral part of the shopping experience on SALVAGE FOR GOOD. These reviews benefit both customers and sellers. All reviews will be monitored for accurate and true content.


We may suspend or terminate your account at our discretion without explanation, notice, and liability to SALVAGE FOR GOOD. Any suspected fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activity that maybe grounds for immediate termination of your use of SALVAGE FOR GOOD, may be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities. You may terminate this agreement by closing your account at any time and ensure all outstanding listings are in good standing for SALVAGE FOR GOOD.